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Where to Go in Turkey for Vacation

Where to Go in Turkey for Vacation

Turkey is a spectacular country that partly lies in Asia and Europe. It has deep historical roots, a beautiful culture, and delicious local dishes. A fascinating fact about Turkey vacation is that it is one of the best cheap vacations when compared with others.

Deciding if Turkey should be your next destination? In our article, you will learn why you should go to Turkey and read about the places to visit in Turkey on your next vacation.


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Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the second-largest city after Istanbul. It is well-known for its rich history and culture. Ankara has several ruins and historical sites, such as the ruins of Hattusa, the archaeological site of Alacahoyuk, and Antikabir, among several others. All the sites have different captivating features, each unique in how they portray the culture of the ethnic groups they represent.

The city of Ankara is the hub of Turkish museums. From natural history museums to specialty museums, this city does not pass any chance it gets to display its landmarks and dazzling artworks. Other commonly visited places on Turkey trips are Genclik Parki and Kugulu park, each displaying a scenic natural view with various fun-filled activities.

Adults can take a nature break at the Eymir lake while children enjoy their trip at the Kugulu park. After a long day, tourists can wrap up their evening at the Ankara state opera.  


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Antalya is the city with all the "cool stuff." The Mediterranean sea borders it on its south, which makes water sports a major outdoor activity in the city. One of the most popular activities here is a submarine tour. Other outdoor activities you must participate in when you visit Turkey are kayaking, scuba diving, canoeing, and rafting tours, which can be done on Antalya's vast water bodies.

Antalya has several beautiful beaches and waterfalls and rivers. The Koprulu river is one of the best spots that stand out among other rivers in Antalya, and this is because of its unusual green-blue color.

Despite all these cool places in Turkey, one destination spot that’ll thrill you is the Antalya aquarium. This is the largest tunnel aquarium in the world. A visit to this place promises to be both educational and jawdropping.

If you get bored of all these and feel like learning about the ancient cultures and practices of the people, then head to the archaeological sites in town, such as Perge, the ruins of Tremessos, the sunken city of kekova, or the national museum. These are all there to give you a memorable experience. Never go on a Turkey trip without visiting the Yivli Minare, an iconic landmark that stands tall in the city of Antalya and is one of the most popular places in Turkey.


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Marmaris is a large town in Turkey, proud of its perfect blue beaches, bays, history, culture, and vibrant nightlife. Summer is the peak time travel for this city. During summer, the population of the city increases by almost ten times its original size.

This shows that this city is one of tourists' favorite Turkey destinations. However, you need not worry about accommodation because new hotels open almost every year in Marmaris. Some of the best things to do in Marmaris on your next Turkey trip include a river cruise, viewing some of the largest turtles still existing, having a mud bath on the Daylan turtle beach, and going on exhilarating safari adventures.

After the day's thrilling adventure, stop by to see one of the most popular Turkey tourist places: the dancing fountain. This fountain has beaming lights from different angles and music to lift your soul and is a major hub for music and laughter when night falls.

On your next Turkey vacation, you can also choose to explore the old settlements found in Marmaris, such as the ruins of Physkos, or have a Marmaris Turkish bath at any of the spas widespread in the city.


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The town of Side was one of the places where the Greeks first settled before it later became an economic hub during the Roman era. As a result, this old city has some of the most popular places to visit in Turkey, such as the Temples of Apollos and Athena, which overlooks the Mediterranean sea, and Side's vast Amphitheater. This theatre has a 15,000 audience capacity and remains one of the most thrilling architectural pieces of the ruins of the ancient city of Pamphylia.

Another essential spot to visit while traveling in Turkey is the Side museum. This museum, although small, has some of the most exciting exhibits you'd see in the city.

Boat tours on the green Canyon, scuba diving, whitewater rafting along Koprulu Canyon, and several other watersport activities are abundant in the city of Side.


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The city of Bodrum is a premium Turkey vacation destination, thanks to its charming environment. It is bordered by two of the world's largest seas: the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. The two seas give rise to 67 blue beaches, hence its name; the land of the eternal blue.

Activities that you can never miss in Bodrum are watersports activities. Due to its extensive availability of water, Bodrum offers tourists a wide range of watersport activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, fishing, boat cruise, and lots more for all ages. One of the most popular beaches in Bodrum is the Yarki beach, which is located next to a host of different food outlets, so you can eat sumptuous meals while enjoying the picturesque view of its environment.  

Other famous Turkey destinations are the Zeki Murat art museum, named after a famous Turkish musician, the Bodrum Museum of underwater archaeology, and the Bodrum amphitheater. Bodrum amphitheater is definitely a place worth checking out. It is preserved better than Side's amphitheater and hosts some cultural events, concerts as well as festivals.


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Ephesus, one of the oldest cities in Turkey, has some of the most famous and vast ruins of all those found in Turkey. You can leave all your sightseeing and archeological exploration till you get to Ephesus because it's inevitable that you'll see a lot of these ruins in this ancient city.

Gobekli Tepe is one of the oldest archeological sites in Turkey. It has some of the most complex and captivating structures you must see when you visit Turkey. This is just one among many other archeological sites found in Ephesus.

Ephesus is also known to attract religious pilgrims due to its major landmarks. One, which is the house of the Virgin Mary, is said to have been where she lived in her later days and also where she died. Others include the ruins of the Temple of Artemis, the basilica of Saint John, the Beyazit mosque, and several others.


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Cappadocia is one of the favorite Turkey tourist places to visit. Like Ephesus, this city is filled with several historical landmarks and archaeological ruins. The monasteries of Cappadocia are some of the jaw-dropping and famous places to visit in Turkey. These structures are rock-cut constructions and are widespread in the region of Cappadocia. Commonly visited monasteries are the Keslik and the Girls’ monastery, also called Panagia Theoskepastos.

A popular activity done in Cappadocia is the balloon tour. Flying in a hot air balloon can be fun and terrifying, especially when the wind is your pilot. Similar activities in Cappadocia are paragliding, skydiving, hiking, and pottery making.

Do not forget to visit any of the cave restaurants in Cappadocia. Enjoy a delicious meal and your favorite drinks while watching a series of traditional dance shows.


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Istanbul is Turkey's largest, most beautiful city and one of the places you must go to when you visit Turkey. The city has a picturesque view of several mosques, palaces, and parks. Most of the cool places in Turkey are located in Istanbul. These include the Hagia Sophia mosque and the Suleymaniye mosque, some of the greatest architectural designs of the final centuries of classical civilizations.

The Topkapi Palace and the Yildiz palace museums are well-known travel sites in Istanbul due to their vast collection of ancient materials and scenic views.

Go shopping for lamps, ceramics, jewelry, and even clothes in one of the most popular places to visit in Turkey; the Grand Bazaar. This district, located in Turkey, is home to thousands of local convenience stores. Tourists have the opportunity to shop and also sight-see this beautiful market which sits under a single roof.


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Even though traveling in Turkey might be thrilling, the ultimate experience when you get there is beyond words. So start planning your trip to Turkey, one of the oldest and most populated countries in Europe.